How do I use Self Storage?

Self Storage is the solution when you are short on space or need somewhere safe & secure to store your goods. Stor-Mate can provide solutions for personal, business, commercial and document storage.  

The process is simple
- Choose a Storage Space Size (Our staff can help you work out the perfect size for you)
- Sign a standard Storage Agreement - You will require Photo ID
- Move In
- Lock your storage space (using either a padlock supplied by you or purchased from our Store)
- Access your storage space any time you like - 24x7

Self Storage is super easy, affordable and convenient to use. Contact us to find out how Stor-Mate Self Storage can work for you. 

What size storage space do I need?

Use the space calculator to work out the storage space size that is perfect for you, or contact us to talk to our friendly staff for help!

How much do storage spaces cost?

Please contact usfor our current pricing structure.

How do I pay my storage fees?

Stor-Mate offers a variety of payment options for your convenience.
We accept cash, credit/debit card and direct deposit payments. Storers can set up a regular direct debit payment when they license a space at Stor-Mate so a payment is never missed.

Who can access my storage space?

As a storer, YOU control who has access to your storage space. 

With a padlock either purchased from our Store or supplied by you, you lock your storage space and keep the key. Stor-Mate does not keep keys and therefore access to your storage space is entirely regulated by you. 

Am I locked into a fixed contract?

Stor-Mate offers ultimate flexibility by enabling customers to select a storage fee period with the ability to either reduce or extend it without incurring any financial penalties.

What happens if I want to move out early?

There are no penalties for moving out early. You just have to give 7 days notice. The balance of any un-used storage fees will be refunded to you. Minimum one month stay.

What happens if I do not pay my storage fees?

If storage fees are not paid in accordance with the Terms of the Stor-Mate Storage Agreement, storers may be refused access to the facility and their storage space until such time as their fee payments are up to date. 
If a storer misses making a payment they will be notified by phone, email or sms to prompt them to pay their account to ensure they are not locked out of the facility. 
In extreme circumstances, we may be forced to sell the contents of the Storage Space. All efforts will be made to resolve the matter using alternate methods. If you have any concerns please contact our staff immediately. 

What hours can I access my Storage Space?

Standard Access is 7 days a week 24 hours a day. So you can come and go as you like through our secure pin coded gate access.

How secure is your site?

Our site boasts State of the Art Security systems. Security fencing and pin number gated access control eliminate unwanted traffic through the site and enable all entry to be monitored. All storage spaces are individually alarmed, which offers greater peace of mind to our Storers. Security personnel and the Facility Manager conduct random routine site checks after office hours and our CCTV security system monitors and records all site activity which is reviewed daily. The back-to-base security alerts security AND the Facility Manager immediately for response.

Are my goods insured?

We do recommend that you check in with your own insurance company to cover your goods while in storage at Stor-Mate.

Do you sell boxes and packing materials?

Yes, Stor-Mate can provide you with boxes, tape and other packaging materials. Purchase more than $100 in any one transaction and you will receive free delivery within 10km's of the city centre (* Conditions Apply).

Where can I download the Stor-Mate Privacy Policy?

You can download this direct from our website using this link:

Do you have another question?

We are sorry your question has not been answered here. Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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